Information on Bouldering 

Bouldering is a sport whose risks and consequences should not be ignored. In bouldering, falls are made on mats or crash-pads. It is essential to understand that falling and learning to fall are a inherent parts of this sport. 

The return to the ground in the boulder can be done by de-escalation, by a voluntary jump of the climber or by an involuntary fall of the climber. The fall is a moment of loss of control. It is through practice that the climber learns to fall correctly: by learning to absorb the fall with the legs and never interpose the arms to try to control the fall. 

The main injuries in this sport are generally : 

– Lower limb injuries such as sprains or fractures; 

– Upper limb injuries such as sprains or fractures. 

Both are generally due to bad landings. 

The courses given by Midi Ecole d’Escalade and La Petite Ile offer exercises to help you deal with falls, in particular by trying to develop or modify the climber’s instinct.  


Insurance information 

Each participant in the course, or his/her parent or legal guardian, acknowledges and accepts that there are dangers associated with climbing. 

Each climber must have valid personal insurance. The climber is aware that he or she can take out insurance from the Club Alpin Belge. 

Petite Ile SRL has the following insurances: 

Physical accidents – covers Petite Ile’s client if he/she is injured in the climbing gym, for his/her medical expenses not covered by the own insurance company, up to a maximum of 2478,94€ (with an excess of 24,79€ per person and per accident). This policy also includes compensation in the event of death (2500,00€) and in the event of permanent disability (with a maximum of 12500,00€).

Civil liability – which comes into play if Petite Ile SRL is held liable for any personal injury and/or material damage suffered by you. The intervention of the insurer is limited to 2500000,00€ per claim, with an excess of 250,00€. The excess is only applied in case of material damage, not in case of personal injury. 


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Additional insurance

Membership type
Club Alpin Belge Indoor
28 € until 23 years old
38 € from 24 years old
Club Alpin Belge Complete
56 € until 23 years old
93 € from 24 years old

It is possible and advisable to become a member of the Belgian Alpine Club, the French-speaking climbing, mountaineering and hiking federation (CAB), and thus benefit from a complementary insurance and other numerous advantages that you can discover on the page: Club Alpin Belge

The CAB offers two types of membership for climbers:

Affiliation Club Alpin Belge Indoor Insurance coverage for SAE climbing (artificial structure) and slackline (outside natural climbing sites) worldwide.

Affiliation Club Alpin Belge Complete Insurance coverage for the sports listed in the statutes of the Belgian Alpine Club, including rock climbing, mountaineering, hiking, skiing, caving, slacklining, etc. throughout the world.

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