Petite Ile is the first bouldering gym of Brussels. The project started with a group of friends who did not understand why there was no such space in the capital of Belgium while the sport is booming globally. The group quickly grew and, BOOM!, Petite Ile was born.


Petite Ile is a project carried by group of climbers from diverse backgrounds. Some of us come from businesses, the performance arts, cinema and the catering industry, while others from the EU commission and academia. We are an odd but lovely family continuing to grow. Together we created a wonderful space and offer a climbing gym with great routes, healthy food and a nice relaxing atmosphere.

Petite Ile is a community. The climbing gym is a place where people come to climb, move or meditate but also to meet each other, have a drink or co-work. We organize local and national competitions, and have an active climbing school with a social program. Moreover, we work with local businesses and entrepreneurs, and foster values of gender equality, diversity and the local organic food chain.