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Summer Open and Party


Get ready for a SUMMER BOULDERING OPEN at Petite Ile!
If you don’t want to compete, you are welcome to climb & dance!

When: Saturday the 3rd of June 2023

What time: 15h to 20h + party

What : Climb and dance! and if you don’t want to compete, you are welcome too!

What for: A lot of fun and …price money baby!
1st place: 200 euro,
2nd place: 100 euro,
3rd place: 50 euro.
The winners for each category are announced at 20h30.

How you compete*:
We’ll have 4 categories based on your level and based on how tall you are!
Small Islanders = less than 1,75 meters climbing up to blue routes
Small Highlanders = less than 1,75 meters climbing purple route and higher
Tall Islanders = more than 1,76 meters climbing up to blue routes
Tall Highlanders = more than 1,76 meters climbing purple route and higher

Do I need to subscribe? No, just come as you are.

More to know ? Yes! A great selection of DJs will play all day long.

And what’s after? More music! Dance with us from 21h to 5h30. The dance floor will be fueled by:

❥ Music will be cooked by:
Kareta Bu ( IFZ.de – Liepzig)
Chris Fereria (C12)
Dj Aw shucks (kiosk Radio)
Xtra Pickante (Kiosk Radio)
Kafim (C12 – Kiosk)


Fore more info write to: info@petiteile.be

* About the categories: For this event Petite Ile chose height to distinguish the categories. We decided to do so to test a criteria not related to birth assigned gender. We hope that this will make it a different, funner and more inclusive event.

See you there!

Opening of Hall9 in Vilvoorde


Petite Ile is opening a new bouldering hall in Vilvoorde. The opening is scheduled for the end of January 2023. We are very pleased to share this news with you. You can follow Hall9 on facebook and instagram (hall9_bouldering).
We also launched a crowd loan campaign through which we already raised 50% of the required amount after 4 days. You can still co-invest in this beautiful project.

People who are interested can co-invest in Hall9 via a loan that can earn them a return well above interest rates on savings accounts!
You can find more information here: https://www.winwinner.be/hall9
There are two types of loans:
A crowdloan (standardised subordinated loan, starting from €500):
– For people and companies in Belgium
– 7% annual gross interest, which is also the net return thanks to the withholding tax exemption (conditions apply)
– Investment with a term of 4 years
– Annual repayment, with one year of capital deferral
– 0% guarantee

The winwinner loan (subordinated loan, from €2,500):
– Only for people living in Flanders.
– 1.05% annual net interest rate + 2.50% annual tax credit
– 30% government guarantee on the outstanding amount
– Investment with a term of 5 years
– Annual repayment

Attention: investing involves risks. As an investor, you run the risk of losing all or part of the amount invested in case of inability to repay.

If you want more info on the new gym or the crowdlending campaign, do not hesitate to contact bram@hall9.be.

Petite Ile celebrates it’s 4 years


Petite ile is celebrating its 4th birthday this year and we’re having a big birthday party on November 19th.
We want to celebrate with you, our bouldering community. We couldn’t have done it without you all. Thanks again!
4 years of friendships. 4 years of work, sport, trips to Fontainebleau and parties, 4 years of sharing!
As every year, we propose you to come climbing freely or to participate in the open and stay for the raffle and our party.
You will certainly recognize the dj’s who will play because they are all climbers from petite Ile, except for the closing which will be provided by our friend Chris Ferreira. The sweet and beautiful Chantaaaal has an exceptional show in store for us, you’d be crazy to miss that
There will also be a contest for the most beautiful outfit with a D.I.Y. theme: Tie and dye – psychedelic – hippie fun.
This day will be yours and ours!

you can come climbing between 9am and 8pm
❥ afternoon:
⏲14:00: inscriptions OPEN
⏲16:00 -20:00: OPEN
❥ evening:
20:00 🎩 provided by Chantaaal 🎩
Awards open
Awards outfits
and more
❥ Music will be cooked by:
Chris Fereria (C12)
Dj Aw shucks (kiosk Radio)
Juliojulio (kiosk radio)
Max Adams (petite ile)
Derek (petite ile)
❥ Food & Drinks
Special Croque Monsieur
Benoit will cook a special chili sin carne for this day.
Free for our members
9:00 to 20:00 regular prices
Night time:
22:00 to 05:00: 7 euros
Free acces for members
❥lecomte ❥Chalk Rebels ❥Ermitage

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