You do not need any prior knowledge to start bouldering. You don’t have to learn how to fasten and tie knots like you do when you are rope climbing. However, bouldering is a sport with some danger and we advise everyone to take an introductory course.

You can get a short introduction for free by one of our employees. Please ask about this option at the bar.

You will find all the information about courses below.

Private classes

You want to treat yourself: together with our instructor, you focus on your technique, your strengths and weaknesses.

– Start bouldering safely under the attention of an instructor

– Increase your climbing level and get feedback from an instructor

– Learn to warm up and improve your physical preparation


With a Petite Ile subscription or 10 times card : 40€/hour for 1 Person and 50€/hour for 2 Persons

Without Petite Ile subscription or 10 times card: €46/hour for 1 person and €62/hour for 2 persons.

Rental of climbing shoes included in the price.

From Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm. By appointment only. Email to


You have never done bouldering or climbing and you want an introductory session on safety and basic technique. You want to meet other beginners like you to get motivated!

– Learn the safety rules for bouldering

– Learn the basic technique of climbing and learn how to use your body energy sparingly.


10€ per lesson – climbing shoes included – entrance to the gym not included

Biweekly on Monday from 19h to 20h30

10 places per lesson

Book your class here


You already have some experience in bouldering and you know the safety basics (how to fall for example). You want to follow a course with a follow up and you are interested in improving your technique as well as – and most importantly – better manage the mental component of your training.

– Improve your mobility, balance, coordination and climbing technique

– Feel comfortable at height

– Manage the effort, your motivation and your concentration

– Set goals and dare to commit

– Climb as if nobody’s watching


Cycle of 10 sessions (1 offered)

Tuesday cycle: from September 19th to November 28th, 2023 – from 18:30 to 21:00

Wednesday cycle: from September 20th to November 29th, 2023 – from 18:30 to 21:00

Entry level: orange

135 euro – entrance to the gym and climbing shoes rental not included (15 euro per lesson of 2h30 and 1 lesson offered)

Groupe of 12 people in presence of two instructors

To subscribe – for the whole cycle – go to our calendar and book the event under the 19 or 20 september 2023




The course integrate different forms and concepts of martial arts. Real contact, real fun. A class will consist in a warm-up, learning and practicing self-defense techniques and applying those in one-on-one confrontations in the form of duel games.

To familiarize with hostile situations

To prevent freezing when facing such situations

To learn and train self-defense techniques

To discover what you can be capable of

About the teacher:

Fran Vanderstukken has an extensive experience with martial arts and currently practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She won different European and World titles and has a wide experience teaching self-defense.


Cycle of 4 lessons: NEW DATES SOON

On Sundays from 20h to 21h

Additional bonus lesson: 18 December – to practice once more all the techniques seen during the course

70 euro for the entire cycle.


This course wants to help you to progress, making available high quality training protocols adapted to your level.  

A class will include a warm-up, mobility exercises, climbing technique lessons depending on your needs, a climbing session, and finally a core and strength session. 

The protocol will take into consideration your woman specificities: special attention will go to your strength needs and to your daily energy level. 

The hidden objective of this course is to increase the number of stronger and more confident women in the climbing community. 

This course has the objective to: 

– Teach you how to warm up 

– Improve your endurance, strength, and mobility 

– Improve your technique


Cycle of 10 lessons (1 offered)

From 20.09.23 to 29.11.23 – no lesson on the 25th of october

On Wednesday from 19h to 21h30

Level: you do orange routes, you can do some pink and would like to climb black routes. 

Price: 135 euro  

Group of 6 people. 

To subscribe – for the whole cycle – go to our calendar and book the event under the 20th of September