Even without prior knowledge, you can start bouldering right away. You don’t have to learn how to fasten and tie knots like you do when climbing lengths. However, bouldering is a sport with some danger and we advise everyone to take an introductory course.

Without reservation you can get a short introduction of about fifteen minutes. For our lessons you will find all the information on the right.


Bouldering 1.01

Would you like to try a new sport? Have you never climbed before or you want to get back to it? Are you scared of heights? You’ve come to the right place! We will teach you all the climbing basics you need, going from footwork to body positioning, dynamic movement and creating your own weekly training program.

4 lessons of 90 minutes, once a week

100 € (including 4 x entrance fee and rent climbing shoes)
60 € for members who have their own shoes (you can become a member from the first session)

Book your bouldering 1.01 course via this link.

Improve your climbing

Do you want to raise your climbing level? Do you want to avoid injuries? Do you climb black colored boulders at Petite Ile or 5C boulders elsewhere? Look no further, this course is for you. You will learn how to climb efficiently, improve your technique and identify your weaknesses.

4 lessons of 90 minutes, once a week

100€ (including entrance fees and climbing shoes)
60 € for members with own climbing shoes (you can become a member at the first lesson)

Book your course here.