We have a new reservation and checkin system: Clubplanner. There are different ways to use Clubplanner:

  • You had a membership or a 10 entries card in the past. To log in for the first time, read the HOW DOES IT WORK section below! This is very important to link your old membership or card to the new system.

  • To book a session CLICK HERE.

  • for your convenience use the MYCLUBAPP APP which you can download for free from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (android).


The first time you connect to Clubplanner you will need to register.

If you are using the MYCLUBAPP, you should first select Petite Ile. You can do this on the map or in the search box.

If you are already registered with Petite Ile you have to use the digits of the membership number on the back of your membership card. (Please note, only use the numbers without the zeros: for example Tom Test membership number is “0003291ILE”, he uses “3291”.)

As password you use the same numbers followed by the two first letters of your family name followed by the two first letters of your first name (in the example above the password would be 3291teto). Then you click on “SIGN IN”

By clicking on the circle with the portrait in the upper right corner of the screen you can access your personal data. By clicking on “Settings” you can change your address, language, password and add an email address.

You might want to use this email address when you log in next time.

Once you are logged in, you can click on the calendar to book a session. At the top of the page you click on “BOULDER/BLOC” to book a session. And at the bottom of the page you see your confirmed bookings.

By clicking on the webshop pictogram you can access the online shop, where you can buy tickets and subscriptions.

You can book your session 7 days in advance. You can book for 4 people maximum and you can, for now, book maximum 3 sessions per week. Your session will be paid for at the time of booking, or deducted from your 10-entries card or subscription. You can cancel your reservation free of charge up to 15 minutes before the time of your reservation. After this time, the entrance fee cannot be refunded.

If you still have problems logging in you can send us an email at or call us during office hours at 0032 491 95 12 48.

You can download the clubplanner manual in French or Dutch.